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Plastic ferrule 1 29/32" (48.5mm)
Plastic ferrule 1 29/32" (48.5mm)
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5/8" Hand Grip (White)
5/8" Hand Grip (White)
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M20 Blackened steel Cam plunger (10mm plunger diameter)

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  • Thread Size
  • Rest Position
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Type
  • Material
  • Dimension 'A' (mm)
  • Dimension 'B' (mm)
  • Dimension 'C' (mm)
  • Dimension 'D' (mm)
  • Dimension 'E' (mm)
  • Colour
  • Material / Finish
  • Plunger Type

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M20 Cam plunger

Body Material: Blackened steel

Plunger Diameter: 10mm

Supplied with an M20x1.5 locking nut 

Turn the cam lever by 180° to allow the plunger pin to be fully retracted and locked in place.
Twisting the lever again disengages the lock and a spring mechanism automatically returns the pin to the extended position.

M20 Blackened steel Cam plunger (10mm plunger diameter)

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Part Number 11786R
Thread Size M20
Rest Position Yes
Diameter (mm) 10
Type Cam Plunger
Material Blackened Steel
Dimension 'A' (mm) 69
Dimension 'B' (mm) 37.0
Dimension 'C' (mm) 57.0
Dimension 'D' (mm) 12.0
Dimension 'E' (mm) 10.0
Colour Black
Material / Finish Blackened Steel
Plunger Type Cam type
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