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T-Bush 25x12x02mm
T-Bush 25x12x02mm
2.91 €
2.91 €
80mm Steel drop profile weldable hinge, fixed pin (self colour)
80mm Steel drop profile weldable hinge, fixed pin (self colour)
2.31 €
2.31 €

43x36mm Adjustable Torque Positioning Control Hinge

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5.58 € 5.58 EUR 5.58 €

6.48 €

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  • Length (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Width (mm)
  • Fixing Hole Spacing (mm)
  • Fixing Hole Size (mm)
  • Material

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12824X Hinge is a light weight positioning control hinge with fully adjustable torque.

An adjustment screw ensures complete control over the frictional holding torque.

Adjusting the screw changes the level of resistance required to open and close the hinge and also allows lids, doors and panels to be held open at a predetermined and user defined position.

Once adjusted, the positioning torque stays consistent throughout the full range of motion and will hold doors steady in any position.

The acetal polymer construction, plus zinc plated screw and polycarbonate pin ensure this hinge is both lightweight and strong.

Hole size 4.2mm

43x36mm Adjustable Torque Positioning Control Hinge

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Part Number 12824X
Length (mm) 43
Thickness (mm) 13
Width (mm) 36
Fixing Hole Spacing (mm) 32x25
Fixing Hole Size (mm) 4.2
Material Plastic
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