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Plastic square insert 150x150mm (5.0/8.0mm)
Plastic square insert 150x150mm (5.0/8.0mm)
12.90 €
12.90 €
Wheel series 200mm nylon 20mm bore hub length 58mm roller bearing 400kg
Wheel series 200mm nylon 20mm bore hub length 58mm roller bearing 400kg
18.43 €
18.43 €

M12x30 Thermoplastic lobe knob (Stainless thread)

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7.54 € 7.54 EUR 7.54 €

8.76 €

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  • Thread Size
  • Type
  • Material
  • Dimension 'A' (mm)
  • Dimension 'B' (mm)
  • Dimension 'C' (mm)
  • Dimension 'D' (mm)
  • Dimension 'E' (mm)
  • Colour
  • Material / Finish

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M12x30 thermoplastic lobe knob (Stainless thread)

M12x30 Thermoplastic lobe knob (Stainless thread)

Material: High impact resistant thermoplastic

Colour: Matt Black Finish

Male thread material: Stainless steel

Features a high strength construction, durable material & comfortable shape

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Part Number 14318Y
Thread Size M12
Type Male
Material Thermoplastic
Dimension 'A' (mm) 60
Dimension 'B' (mm) 23.0
Dimension 'C' (mm) 21.0
Dimension 'D' (mm) 13.0
Dimension 'E' (mm) 34.0
Colour Black
Material / Finish High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
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14318R 60mm M12 x 30.igs
14318R 60mm M12 x 30.stp
Male lobe knob data(1).jpg
Male lobe knob data.jpg
Male lobe knob.JPG
Parnells Male Lobe Knobs Spec Sheet - 14318Y.pdf
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