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Plastic square insert 40x40mm (2.6/4mm)
Plastic square insert 40x40mm (2.6/4mm)
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Wheel series 300mm cast nylon 55mm bore hub length 90mm ball bearing 7000kg
Wheel series 300mm cast nylon 55mm bore hub length 90mm ball bearing 7000kg
957.78 €
957.78 €

200mm stainless steel swivel castor with blue elastic rubber on nylon centre wheel, 300kg

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Part Number: 250033
Wheel Diameter: 200mm (8" inches)
Castor Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
Load Capacity: 300kg

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  • Wheel Diameter (mm)
  • Tread Width (mm)
  • Bearing Type
  • Top Plate Size (mm)
  • Fixing Hole Spacing (mm)
  • Fixing Hole Size (mm)
  • Overall Height (mm)
  • Load Capacity 3km/h (kg)
  • Blickle Reference

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300SS series 200mm stainless steel swivel top plate 140x110mm castor with blue elastic rubber on nylon centre stainless steel roller bearing wheel 300kg

200mm stainless steel swivel castor with blue elastic rubber on nylon centre wheel, 300kg

  • Swivel castor with top plate bracket made of stainless steel with double row ball race in swivel head (material no. 1.4301/AISI 304), with dust protection ring.

  • Wheel with blue elastic rubber vulcanized on nylon centre.

  • The hardness of the tread is 70° Shore A.

  • Bolted wheel axle.

  • Low rolling resistance and operation noise. Very good floor preservation.

  • The high elasticity of the rubber makes the wheel resume to its round shape faster, avoiding flat spots, and therefore gives a lower rolling resistance than for standard grade rubber.

  • Good chemical resistance, except to oils.

  • Can be equipped with a separate 1-way directional lock, part no. 568048.

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Part Number 250033
Wheel Diameter (mm) 200
Tread Width (mm) 46
Bearing Type Stainless steel roller bearing
Top Plate Size (mm) 140x110
Fixing Hole Spacing (mm) 105x75-80
Fixing Hole Size (mm) 11
Overall Height (mm) 235
Load Capacity 3km/h (kg) 300
Blickle Reference LEX POEV 200/XR
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