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T-Bush 25x12x02mm
T-Bush 25x12x02mm
2.91 €
2.91 €
80mm Steel drop profile weldable hinge, fixed pin (self colour)
80mm Steel drop profile weldable hinge, fixed pin (self colour)
2.31 €
2.31 €

15x6.00-6 Grass tyre on steel rim 20mm ball bearing, 259kg load capacity

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Part Number: AS8244
Tyre Size: 15x6.00-6
Bearing Size: 20mm (6304)
Hub length: 90mm

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  • Bearing Type
  • Rim Colour
  • Hub Length (mm)
  • Tyre Size
  • Ply
  • TT/TL
  • Pattern
  • Tread Depth (mm)
  • SW (mm)
  • OD (mm)
  • PSI
  • Load/Speed Index
  • Bearing
  • Bearing
  • E-Mark
  • Max Load (Kg)

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Grass tyre fitted to heavy duty steel rim with ball bearings.

Versatile tyre pattern with rounded shoulders, 

Causes minimal disturbance to the ground when cornering. 

Leaves very little track pattern on the ground.

These wheels are mainly for off-road use, 

But they are E-Marked road legal up to 20km/h.

Tyre Specification:

Overall diameter: 367mm,

Max section width: 160mm,

Ply rating: 4 Ply,

PSI: 30,

Tread Depth: 6mm,

Max load capacity: 259kg,

Speed and load rating: 51/61 A4,

E-Marking: E4-106R-003453.

Rim Specifications:

Heavy duty steel rims,

Rim Size: 3.50x6,

Powder coat paint with E-coating anti-corrosion treatment for superior finish,

Two 6304 ball bearings with 20mm internal bore,

The hub length is 90mm with flush bearings.

These wheels can be used for ride on lawn mowers, garden trailers, 

ATV quad trailers, buggy's, karts, small agricultural machinery.

15x6.00-6 4pr Wanda P332 grass tyre E-marked on steel rim 20mm ball bearing 90mm hub length, 259kg load capacity

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Part Number AS8244
Bearing Type Ball bearings
Rim Colour Silver
Hub Length (mm) 90
Tyre Size 15X6.00-6
Ply 4
Pattern P332
Tread Depth (mm) 6.0
SW (mm) 160
OD (mm) 367
PSI 30
Load/Speed Index 51/61 A4
Bearing 20mm (6304-2RS), 20mm (6204-2RS)
E-Mark E4-106R-003453
Max Load (Kg) 259
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