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27x9.00-12 6ply Wanda P350 tyre TL
27x9.00-12 6ply Wanda P350 tyre TL
79.95 €
79.95 €
24x10.00-11 6pr Wanda Longhorn P3128 ATV tyre TL
24x10.00-11 6pr Wanda Longhorn P3128 ATV tyre TL
101.60 €
101.60 €

24x8.00-12 6ply Wanda P3128 (205/75-12) Longhorn ATV Tyre

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Part Number: TY7504
Tyre Size: 24x8.00-12
Ply Rating: 6
Load Capacity: 140kg

84.38 € 84.38 EUR 84.38 €

98.00 €

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  • Tyre Size
  • Ply
  • TT/TL
  • Pattern
  • Tread Depth (mm)
  • Rim Width (in)
  • SW (mm)
  • OD (mm)
  • PSI
  • Load/Speed Index
  • E-Mark
  • Max Load (Kg)

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24x8.00-12 6ply Wanda ATV P3128 tyre.

This is a rugged ATV tyre. 

These are tubeless tyres E-Marked fully road legal. 

They are hard wearing 6ply tyres with a tread depth of 17.50mm. 

E-Marked: E4-75R-0017141.

This tyre is durable tyre design which provides quicker acceleration and braking.

This tyre has a directional tread pattern.

Excellent forward traction on many surfaces

24x8.00-12 6pr Wanda Longhorn P3128 ATV tyre TL

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Part Number TY7504
Tyre Size 24x8.00-12
Ply 6
Pattern P3128
Tread Depth (mm) 17.5
Rim Width (in) 6.5
SW (mm) 198
OD (mm) 606
Load/Speed Index 40J
E-Mark E4-75R-00171141
Max Load (Kg) 140
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